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Inspired by the country estates that dot the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the sophisticated fragrances of Lodestone Reserve candles evoke memories of estate adventures, real or imagined, near or far. Through aromatic resins of oud, lavender, patchouli, woody sandalwood, and amber, Lodestone's Resin candle invites us to imagine the discovery of an old chest in the cellar of a manor house, filled with ancient resins used to cleanse the air for religious ceremonies. 

Lodestone candles are 100% soy wax (with eco-friendly dye added for drama), phthalate-free premium fragrance and essential oils, and are hand poured in Kent County on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Lodestone's labels are produced on a 1921 Chander & Price letterpress in Chestertown, Maryland. The paper is American-made Crane & Co. paper and printed with inks made of real gold flecks. Each container is 100% recyclable or can can hold your pens or plants, spare change or pushpins.