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Every dinner party need is met here: Jono Pandolfi's oval trays are great for showpieces like rib-eye steaks, whole roasted birds, charcuterie spreads, and grilled vegetables. 

Jono Pandolfi has tweaked, revised, and re-tweaked the design of our platters almost incessantly over the past few years, and, after getting feedback from dozens of chefs, he landed on this oval shape. It looks the best, it works the best, and it comes in three sizes: The large can fit a whole fish or roast chicken, the medium works as a crudités or cheese platter (mix in fry bowls and ramekins for holding olives and their pits), and the small is great for family-style side dishes—or it could even double as a plate—the chef at Nashville’s Dream Hotel uses it for serving burgers and fries.

Small: 9.75”W x 7”L
Medium: 12"W x 8”L
Large: 14"W x 11”L

Dishwasher Safe
Made in the USA